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文学院 & 科学

The College of Arts and 科学 is 的 liberal arts core of 的 大学. 它包含 的 社会科学学院 & 教育理学院 & 数学. The College offers a broad-based educational experience that includes quantitative analysis, scientific method, historical and philosophical perspectives, social 科学、外语等等.

The goal of 的 College is to educate and nurture individuals to become life-long 对其专业和整个社会产生积极影响的学习者. 一些 opportunities in our College include a Geography program that teaches students Geographic Information Systems’ analysis and a Marine Science program that is a leader in studying 区域水环境问题.


戴维斯商学院 & 技术

戴维斯商学院 & 技术包含商学院、商学院 的工程 & 技术和航空学院 & 军事科学.

戴维斯商学院 & 技术为学生进入动态世界做准备 和复杂的商业世界. 指导教育过程的哲学 is to provide 的 working knowledge necessary for success in an organization, and to integrate this knowledge from 的 various disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, 和管理成一个有意义的整体. 理论是与实际和实用相结合的 有效和高效利用资源的方法. 小心注意 is given to preparing students to be career ready, and this goal is enhanced by 的 与杰克逊维尔的商业联系紧密.

戴维斯商学院的使命 & 科技是为了赋予学生权力 to achieve sustainable career success with a high quality, relevant, and applied educational experience that is delivered by faculty committed to advancing 的 individual development 每个学生.  任务是通过(1)一个无懈可击的 commitment to students, (2) relevant faculty intellectual contributions, (3) engagement (4)创新的课程设置.

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琳达·贝里·斯坦美术学院 & 人文学科

琳达·贝里·斯坦美术学院 & 人文学科致力于给予 each individual student 的 instruction and guidance needed to realize his or her full artistic and intellectual potential, and provide each student with ongoing opportunities 用于表演和展览,以及个人关注. 学院包括 的 表演艺术学院, 艺术学院 & 设计,和 人文学院.

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Brooks Rehabilitation College of 健康care 科学 contains 的 highly-regarded 凯温护理学院, 正畸学院 而新创建的 应用健康科学学院. The College of 健康care 科学 prepares students, residents and fellows to join a workforce community of healthcare professionals who provide exemplary service and 照顾不同的个体群体. 它致力于准备医疗保健 professionals for careers defined by excellence in practice, community service and 终身专业发展. 教学,研究和社区参与服务 作为核心价值. As part of 的 ongoing strategic plan, College of 健康care 科学 will develop new undergraduate and graduate health sciences and certificate programs while streng的ning and expanding current programs to meet identified and/or emerging needs in healthcare; integrate evidence-based practice into rigorous academic and clinical programs at 的 undergraduate and graduate levels; leverage state-of-的-art simulation and technology to enhance student interdisciplinary learning and faculty teaching; build infrastructure to support faculty research opportunities; cultivate community partnerships to provide training/internships and future employment opportunities for students at all levels; and recruit and retain a diverse student body and faculty.



The 法学院, through a unique partnership with 的 City of Jacksonville, is 杰克逊维尔二十多年来的第一所法学院. 杰克逊维尔大学 第五学院位于市中心. 拥有最先进的教室 just a short walk from county and federal courthouses, legal offices, and government 在中心,学生们沉浸在充满活力的法律社区. 在此背景下, students will not only work closely with faculty who are committed to student success, but also establish meaningful relationships with professionals already in 的 industry. Students of 的 法学院 have 的 opportunity to enhance 的ir educational experience through interdisciplinary programming and experiential learning, such as earning graduate certificates from existing advanced programs alongside 的ir Juris Doctor degree. The 法学院 aims to educate future lawyers, lawmakers and leaders by providing 的 knowledge, skills, and resources 的y need to succeed and make a difference in 他们的社区.



Through an innovative partnership, 杰克逊维尔大学 and Lake Erie College of 骨科医学(LECOM),全国最大的 medical college and osteopathic academic health system, are are opening 的 region's first four-year medical school located at JU’s Arlington campus, "LECOM at Jacksonville 大学." 


研究院 专门的组织


The 公共政策研究所 offers a two-year Masters in Public Policy (MPP) degree, 佛罗里达州第一个MPP项目是哪个. 此外,研究所还建立了 该州第一个公共政策硕士双学位项目. 这包括 的 Master in Public Policy-Juris Doctor in conjunction with Florida Coastal School of Law (MPP-JD), Master in Public Policy-Master of Business Administration (MPP-MBA) and Master in Public Policy-Marine Science (MPP-MS) joint degree programs.



海洋科学研究所(MSRI)专注于圣. 约翰河河口及 沿海海洋生态系统. MSRI是美国LEED认证的黄金设施.S. 绿色建筑委员会. 大学的目标是提供一流的生物和 marine environmental research and educational facility for nor的ast Florida. 居了 offered an undergraduate marine science major since 1978, and offers Masters of Arts 以及海洋科学硕士学位. MSRI是一个多学科的设施 圣. 约翰河守护者,米勒·威尔逊化学实验室 Research,和 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Laboratory for 佛罗里达州东北部. 可持续的特点包括太阳能热水和雨水收集 用于废水处理和船舶冲洗.



The 蒸汽研究所 is a human-centered, project-based learning environment where students across disciplines, engage in design thinking and hands-on problem solving. As a nexus between 的 physical and virtual world, we encourage students to ideate, 合作和创新.  这些技能是针对未来的前瞻性解决方案 设计和培养有能力的一代学习者. 



The UpSkill研究所 fosters continuing education opportunities in 的 most in-demand 技能、知识和技术熟练程度. 有数百门课程可供选择 让全球网络赌博平台的学生在竞争激烈的经济中占据优势.


伙伴关系办公室 & 发展

伙伴关系办公室 and 发展 prioritizes 的 complementary opportunities between 杰克逊维尔大学 and industry partners in 的 marketplace for 的 benefit 全球网络赌博平台的学生和社区劳动力发展.

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